10 Reasons to Support Young Voices #GivingTuesday


Happy #GivingTuesday! I know there's a lot of groups out there, but Young Voices is one of the few making a real impact by shifting the media towards liberty.

Here are six reasons to support Young Voices this #GivingTuesday:

  1. Young Voices places 160+ media hits reaching 6 million viewers every single month — more than most nonprofits and think tanks in the world!
  2. We regularly place our talent in top outlets including Fox News and The Wall Street Journal. These are career-changing placements for young writers getting their start in media.
  3. An op-ed we published last month changed a law making it clear to online retailers like Amazon that they are allowed to sell pepper spray to residents of America's capital. It is no exaggeration to say this might have saved lives.
  4. >70% of our alumni work in policy, journalism, and academia — spreading the message of liberty to the masses in the long term. We inspire young professionals to dedicate their life to advocating for freedom.
  5. We hosted 10 policy events this year, reaching a live audience of over 700 people. Young Voices regularly draws lively and exciting crowds across the country of people eager to explore the ideas of liberty. We never throw a boring event.
  6. Our Dissident Project speakers bureau connecting survivors of tyrannical regimes to speak at high schools for free has given 66 talks before 14,000+ students. Oh, and also...
  7. Dissident was recognized as a finalist for the Gregor G. Peterson Prize in Venture Philanthropy, distinguishing it as one as one of the most exciting new charitable programs in the country.
  8. Our rapid-fire response to the crisis on college campus sparked by the Israel-Hamas conflict has generated over 4 million views and counting. Our college writers are taking a stand for sanity against the moral rot and relativism on college campuses.
  9. We smashed our application record for the fall, receiving 185 submissions to join our program. Young Voices' network is growing at a faster pace than ever before.
  10. Our alumni are now hosting TV shows, leading newsrooms, launching nonprofits, publishing books, winning awards, and changing the conversation as lifelong advocates for freedom.

Liberty cannot be won without continued investment in its future torch-bearers.

Friend, can we count on your investment this #GivingTuesday in our work empowering our network of rising leaders for liberty?

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Casey Given

Executive Director

Young Voices