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Young Voices discovers, nurtures, and promotes independent communicators and creators ages 18-35.
We work with unconventional young thinkers from a variety of backgrounds working in policy, journalism, innovation, and academia. We provide them with free media training and placement services for articles, broadcast interviews, and public speaking opportunities.

What sets us apart is our commitment to ideological pluralism. We work with political independents who don’t fit neatly on the left-right spectrum. The most interesting people rarely do.
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We help rising changemakers get where they want to be.

As a direct result of our specialized trainings and robust network, our alumni are leading newsrooms, writing books, hosting TV shows, and more.

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"From my time working, writing, and doing TV/radio for Young Voices, I developed a sense of voice and an ability to weave story, heart and evidence to my delivery. From becoming a published author, TV commentator and show host, Young Voices prepared me for all of it."

Stephen Kent

Public Relations Specialist, Consumer Choice Center

"Young Voices has equipped me with the tools to succeed in various aspects of the media space. Their training, expertise, and overall support are unmatched."

Cooper Conway

MPP Candidate, Pepperdine University

“Over the course of four years, I went from writing for my student newspaper, to becoming a regular political broadcaster on national television and radio programs, and from there, I became a news editor at one of the world's biggest newspapers. The training, guidance and wealth of connections that Young Voices provided was invaluable in spearheading my career. If you are an aspiring journalist, policymaker or commentator, then you must join the Contributor Program."

Bill Bowkett

Assistant News Editor, Daily Mail

“Thanks to the resume and confidence I was able to build as a Young Voices contributor, I'm now an editor at Reason, the premier libertarian media outlet. Without Young Voices, I would be nowhere near as sure of myself and my professional path as I am now."

Fiona Harrigan

Associate Editor, Reason Magazine

“Young Voices has taken my writing to new heights. They helped me transition from academic to popular writing and get published in outlets like National Review and the Wall Street Journal. Thanks to Young Voices, doors are opening for me as a public intellectual that I couldn't have gotten through on my own."

Alexander Salter

Assoc. Professor, Texas Tech University

“During my transition to law school, Young Voices has been truly instrumental, allowing me to leverage what I learn in the classroom in my writing. During my first semester, I published op-eds about issues that are important to me in national publications, including the Wall Street Journal and New York Post.”

Rachel Chiu

J.D. Candidate, Georgetown University

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