Young Voices by the Numbers: Applications & Media Reach


Last Friday marked the deadline for Young Voices' Fall Contributor Program and the end of our Fiscal Year 2024. I'm pleased to report that 108 students and young professionals applied for our fall class.

This number is less than our last application haul of 132 — by intention, not accident! With approximately 40 slots per class, we shifted our marketing to attracting higher quality applicants through referrals rather than higher quantity through advertising.

We are nonetheless pleased to be in a position to be selective in our admissions and will be sure to engage with all of our applicants through invitations to policy briefings, events, and more. We are thrilled to continue growing our network of classical liberal communicators at a time when their voices are desperately needed.

Speaking of which, with June marking the beginning of a new fiscal year, I can report some initial figures from our past 12 months of media impact:

  • Young Voices' Content Team placed 1,765 total media hits reaching an estimated 87 million viewers.
  • The team placed 167 hits in what we define as Tier 1 media outlets, including BBC, Forbes, Fox, Newsweek, New York Post, USA Today, Wall Street Journal,  and The Telegraph.
  • We expanded locally as well as nationally. In total, Young Voices placed 96 hits in 48 state and local media outlets.
  • We're not just preaching to the choir, either. 35% of all media hits were published in center and left-of-center media outlets, spreading the ideas of liberty to millions of persuadable viewers.

With an incoming class in the near future and a new fiscal year just begun, we are excited to announce some major program initiatives in the coming weeks empowering tomorrow's leaders for liberty today. Stay tuned!


Casey Given

President & Executive Director

Young Voices