David Boaz, Rest in Peace


Last week, the world last a true champion of liberty with the passing of David Boaz. As Executive Vice President of the Cato Institute for decades, David was operative in bringing mainstream attention to libertarian ideas through his books, interviews, and mentorship of rising libertarian leaders. I was one of them.

I met David 14 years ago on one of my first trips to Washington as a Campus Coordinator for Students For Liberty, and he was a good friend and mentor ever since, joining Young Voices Board of Advisors in 2017. Anyone who got to know David can tell you about his precision and wit. He had a top-tier B.S. detector, would always encourage people he cared about to be honest, knowledgeable, and thorough in their work. He pushed me to be a better professional and person, and for that I am forever grateful for.

This week, I had the pleasure of attending a conference Cato just threw in Buenos Aires called The Rebirth of Argentina and Beyond featuring the newly elected libertarian President Javier Milei. The crowd was electric, with over 500 freedom fighters in attendance fired up to fix their country, which has been battered by decades of socialist governance and hyperinflation. Just this morning, Milei’s reform package passed their Senate, despite the socialists’ constant attacks.

Decades ago, a country like Argentina would have seemed hopeless. But, it’s because of the work of freedom fighters like David Boaz at Cato and elsewhere that we’re starting to see real changes. I personally would be content with my life’s work if Young Voices had just a sliver of the impact that David had in promoting the ideas of liberty through empowering the next generation in the media.

Rest in peace, David Boaz.


Casey Given

President & Executive Director

Young Voices