MOVING FORWARD: CTA's Recovery, Student's Victim Mindset, Faculty Antisemitism, and IN's Free Speech Minefield

This week on Moving Forward, the Young Voices radio show, we hear from contributors Micky Horstman, Lexi Boccuzzi, James Erwin, and Jacob Lane.

The Chicago Transit Authority has had its challenges. Mickey Horstman says the key to CTA's recovery is boosting business, not taxes.

So much of the protesting taking place on college and university campuses in America is based in a sense of perpetual victimhood. Lexi Boccuzzi says we could learn something about avoiding a victim mindset from our Jewish peers.

The hardcore antisemitism that has plagued so many institutions of higher learning isn't being driven by students alone. James Erwin says don't let faculty off the hook for campus antisemitism.

Indiana's General Assembly has passed a law allowing universities to revoke tenure from professors who don't promote intellectual diversity. Jacob Lane warns that this law could turn classrooms into free speech minefields.

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