Young Voices on the Ground at Columbia, Penn, GWU Protests


As protests rattle college campuses across America, Young Voices' writers are out on the ground covering the unrest. Last night, Young Voices contributor and Columbia student Jonas Du live tweeted the violent occupation of Hamilton Hall by a pro-Palestine mob, leading to appearances this morning on CNN and Fox News.

This is Jonas' second time on Fox in a week; Young Voices booked him last week when the Columbia encampment began. Contributors Lexi Bouccuzzi and Neetu Arnold have also been covering the protest at the University of Pennsylvania, and Dissident Project speaker Tahmineh Dehbozorgi has been on the scene at George Washington University, leading to multiple media hits.

Free speech is a bedrock American principle. While pro-Palestinian students have the right to protest peacefully, we're beginning to see many of these crowds devolve into violent mobs... like what happened at Columbia last night. That type of assembly, illegally breaking, entering, and occupying a campus building, is not tolerated by law.


Casey Given

President & Executive Director

Young Voices