Young Voices in the News (February 16th-29th)

Check out the work of our Contributors as they get published in The Hill, Boston Globe, RealClearPolitics, Newsweek, National Review, and more!


RealClearPolitics: "To Secure the Border: Stop Threats, Not Workers" by Agustina Cid

American Thinker: "Privatize or Bust: What Australia Teaches Us About Social Security" by Ezra Wyrick

The Hill: "Online Content Moderation is an Exercise of Free Speech" by Andy Jung

Boston Globe: "What the Fight Over Spending is Really Costing Us" by Jill Jacobson

Prescott News: "Teamsters, Senate Devise a New Catch-22 for Amazon and Its Partners" by Amanda Griffiths

Detroit News: "Whitmer's Pre-K Expansion Plan Overlooks Teacher Shortage" by Susannah Barnes

National Review: "Blame Government Subsidies for the Electric-Vehicle Bubble" by Noah Gould

Free the People: "Regulation and Performative Ethics Guidelines Will Not Prevent AI Misuse" by Sam Raus

Reaction: "To Grow We Must Set the Service Sector Free" by Nathaniel Ogunniyi

RealClearMarkets: "The Discreet Erosion of U.S. Household Savings" by Daniel Elmore

The Daily Wire: "3 Things My Future Children Need to Know About Race" by Isaac Willour

Reason Magazine: "The Feds Give States Millions to Fix Homelessness, but States Are Sending It Back" by Kate Farmer

Acton Institute: "The Letters That Inspired the American Abolition Movement" by Caleb Franz

American Thinker: "The CDC Fights Smoking the Right Way for Once" by Aaron Andrews

Newsweek: "Let's Capitalize on Russian Willingness To Negotiate" by Alex Little

Lexington Hearald-Leader: "As a California Native, I Know Kentucky Should Not Replicate Its Homeless Policies" by Nick Ortiz

American Thinker: "The Return of the Old Right" by David Rand

Columbia Sundial: "The Turmoil at Columbia is Just the Beginning" by Jonas Du

The Political Insider: "Gen Z’s Procrastination Problem Demands a Frugal Future" by Daniel Elmore

National Review: "How Canadians Earned the Right to Life, Liberty, and Suicide" by Daniel Dorman

The Hill: "Social Media Disclosure Requirements are Unconstitutional Compelled Speech" by Rachel Chiu

RealClearPennsylvania: "Philly Schools May Not Be 'Following the Research' On School Safety" by Neetu Arnold

The Political Insider: "The Disregarded Victims of Lax Border Policies" by Noelle Fitchett

RealClearEnergy: "How International Visitors Can Help Care for America’s Natural Wonders" by Madison Yablonski

International Policy Digest: "Political Partisianship is Hurting Our Reputation Abroad" by Nate Phipps

RealClearEnergy: "Another Overstated AI Concern" by Benjamin Ayanian

RealClearPolitics: "If Electoral College Ties, Biden Victory Is Nearly Impossible" by James Erwin

OC Register: "Whether Anti-Vaping Activists Like it or Not, Vaping Helps Smokers Quit" by David Mendoza

RealClearMarkets: "Are We Really, In '24, Eager to Re-Regulate Airlines?" by David McGarry


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