Young Voices in the News (April 16th-30th)

Check out the work of our Contributors as they get published in The Hill, Nikkei Asia, National Post, The Boston Globe, Orlando Sentinel, National Review, and more!


Orlando Sentinel: "Despite Social-Media Age Limit’s Good Intentions, it is Blatant Government Overreach" by Addison Hosner

The Christian Post: "The Kingship of Christ is a Historical Reality, Not a Political Prop" by Tyler Cochran

AMP America: "The Economy is Not Resilient—it’s on a Government-Fueled Sugar-High" by Daniel Elmore

Acton Institute: "The Campus Free Speech Wars Begin at Home" by Noah Gould

The National Interest: "María Corino Machado Is Not a Martyr" by Joseph Bouchard

Nikkei Asia: "Taiwan's Lai Needs to Rethink Nuclear Shutdown Plan" by Jordan McGillis

The Boston Globe: "Supreme Court Has a Duty to End Homeless Encampments" by Jill Jacobson

National Post: "When Courts Believe Anyone Can be a Woman, Justice is in Jeopardy" by Daniel Dorman

RealClearDefense: "President Biden Should Be Honest with Ukraine" by Robert Clarke

Washington Examiner: "No, School Choice is Not a Leftist Trojan Horse" by Cait Dexter

RealClearWorld: "Tech, Not Farmland, Will Secure the U.S. Economy From China" by Sam Raus

International Policy Digest: "Flavored Tobacco Bans are Tasteless Policy" by Jacob Posik

The Hill: "Hold Azerbaijan Accountable Before it Hosts the Next UN Climate Conference" by Alex Little

RealClearEnergy: "Cities Need Safer Standards for Bike Lanes" by Jacob Fox

RealClearPennsylvania: "Colleges Must Revive the Free Press on Their Own Campuses" by Lexi Boccuzzi

National Review: "Net Neutrality is Still a Bad Idea" by Donald Kimball

American Thinker: "The AI Future is Green" by David Rand

Houston Chronicle: "Are Texas' New STAAR Tests Ready for Prime Time?" by Gary Frankel

Deseret News: "How Utah Got School Choice Right" by Frances Floresca

American Thinker: "Another Stain for the U of Alabama" by Sam Underhill

National Review: "April Nor’easter Shows Why Maine Needs Natural Gas" by Roy Mathews

Reason: "Don't Fall For RFK Jr.'s Home Loan Scheme" by Ezra Wyrick


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