Young Voices in the News (December 1st-15th)


National Review: "The Long Arm of the CCP Attacks Protestors in the U.S." by Frances Hui

The Daily Caller: "Curbing AI Disinformation Requires Innovation, Not Regulation" by Caden Rosenbaum

DC Journal: "Do the Right Thing, Like Tim Scott" by Mike Viola

Newsweek: "Stop Using China and India As Excuses to Do Nothing on Climate Change" by Ethan Brown

International Policy Digest: "Africans Suffer as Local Security Crumbles Throughout the Continent" by Benita Ezumezu

The Spectator Australia: "Still Lost in China: Conservatives Must Help Liberate Imprisoned Patriots" by Frances An

Townhall: "New York City Must Be Safe for Jews Again" by Garion Frankel

National Review: "The New Car 'Kill Switch' Should Have Been DOA" by Sarah Montalbano

The National Interest: "Biden's Lethargic Spectrum Strategy" by David McGarry

The Bulwark: "The Rise of the Anti-Marriage Right" by Elizabth Grace Matthew

Washington Examiner: "Massachusetts Rideshare Drivers Fight to Remain Independent" by Gabriella Hoffman

Idaho Education News: "Empower Idaho's Students Through Enhanced Educational Freedom" by Cooper Conway

American Institute of Economic Research: "Epic Games Sues Google Play: Scared of Competition" by Peter Clark

Newsweek: "Overpolicing Is No Way to Keep Kids Safe at School" by Sarah Anderson

National Review: "The Campus Left's Hate-Speech Hypocrisy is on Full Display after October 7" by Jonas Du

Washington Examiner: "Elizabeth Warren's Gun Legislation Would Deal a Blow to the Second Amendment" by Parker McCumber

The Hill: "Why is Gen Z so Pro-Palestine and Anti-Israel?" by Juan P. Villasmil

American Thinker: "Campus Antisemitism: 'Social Justice' Gone Haywire" by Peter Clark

Townhall: "Stand Up to Antisemitic Slogans, or Step Down" by Mike Viola


Tahmineh Dehbozorgi in studio on The Final 5 (Fox 5 DC):

Jill Jacobson on Fox & Friends (Fox News TV):

Jon Hartley on The Final 5 (Fox 5 DC):