Young Voices in the News (June 16th-28th)

Check out the work of our Contributors as they get published in National Review, The Chicago Tribune, Sun Sentinel, Reason Magazine, and more!


National Review: "How America Can Win the New Space Race" by Alexander Salter

Sound Money Defense: "Want Reliable Money? Stop Trusting Central Bankers" by JP Cortez

International Policy Digest: "Trade War with China is Driving up Home Prices" by Jacob Fox

The National Interest: "Joe Biden’s Ukraine Policy is Marching Toward Catastrophe" by Robert Clarke

Press Harold: "Misguided Rate Increases Ignore Maine Ratepayers, Clean Energy Developers" by Roy Mathews

Israel Hayom: "I Visited a Pro-Palestinian Encampment; They're Not Interested in Peace" by Joseph Bouchard

Reason Magazine: "Banning Flavored Tobacco Products Doesn’t Work—We Have the Trash to Prove It" by Sofia Hamilton

American Thinker: "The Flag Debate Is Not Just About the Supreme Court" by James Erwin

Sun Sentinel: "To Save Free Speech, Supreme Court Should Rule Against ‘Free Speech’ Laws" by Donald Kimball

Chicago Tribune: "Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson’s Path to Redemption" by Micky Horstman

Free the People: "Tech Bros, Meet Your New Club Classic" by Sam Raus

The Daily Star: "Louisiana Conservatives Can Do Better Than PragerU" by Gary Frankel

RealClearEducation: "CTE Programs Make the Students of Today the Workforce Leaders of Tomorrow" by Cait Dexter


Nathaniel Ogunniyi on Times Radio

Connor Vasile on Stacy on the Right

Nathaniel Ogunniyi on TalkTV

Sophia Worringer on Times Radio

Jack Rowlett on GB News