Young Voices in the News (March 1st-15th)

Check out the work of our Contributors as they get published in The Hill, the Telegraph, RealClearPolitics, Daily Caller, National Review, and more!


RealClearMarkets: "Are We Really, In '24, Eager to Re-Regulate Airlines?" by David McGarry

American Thinker: "Biden’s Economic 'Success' is Costing America’s Future" by Daniel Elmore

The Telegraph: "Age is Hurting Biden Far More Than Trump" by Juan P. Villasmil

Reason Magazine: "Milei's Free Market Reforms Can Reshape Argentine Cinema" by Eloy Vera

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: "Benefits of Immigration are Spread Wide, but Costs are Not. Here’s How to Fix That" by Alexander Salter

The Daily Caller: "The DOJ Is Running A Side Hustle To Pad Its 2024 Budget" by Jill Jacobson

Conservatives Global: "Jeremy Hunt's Spring Budget Should Get Britain Investing Again" by Nathaniel Ogunniyi

American Thinker: "Increasing Cigarette Taxes Doesn't Make Sense" by Tyler Curtis

RealClearEnergy: "Canada’s Green Policies Jeopardize Economic and Societal Needs" by Lucy Gay

American Mind: "Victory for Students" by Alexander Salter

The Cap Times: "A Good First Step to Alleviate Homelessness in Wisconsin" by Noah Gould

Free the People: "Troye Sivan Shows What Gen Z Has to Offer American Culture" by Sam Raus

Boston Herald: "NATO Countries Need to Step Up" by Robert Clark

The Georgetown Voice: "A Call for Open Discourse: Addressing Free Speech Concerns at Georgetown" by Shakira Jackson

Washington Examiner: "While Some Enjoy Declining Crime, DC Has a Long Way to Go" by Sarah Anderson

Portland Press Herald: "Do Not Punish Mainers for Lewiston Shooting" by Roy Mathews

Chicago Tribune: "Brandon Johnson’s ‘Bring Chicago Home’ Plan Would Not ‘Tax the Rich’" by Micky Horstman

RealClearMarkets: "The CFPB Puts a Bull's Eye On Elon Musk and Cryptocurrencies" by Dylan Dean

The National Interest: "Keep the Water Flowing in the Pacific—Or Else China Will" by Roy Mathews

The National Interest: "Military Aid Will Not End Terrorism in Africa" by William Rampe

Albuquerque Journal: "Legislative Efforts to Jack Alcohol Taxes Merely Virtue-Signaling Money Grabs" by Zayna Resley

Washington Examiner: "Expanding Government Healthcare Won’t Help Rural America" by Andrea Hitt

National Review: "Conservative Students Shouldn’t Abandon the Ivy League" by Lexi Bocuzzi

The Hill: "A Stronger NATO Requires Smarter Spending, Not More Spending" by Gabriel Benitez

Washington Examiner: "Harvard Shrugs Off Antisemitism and Faces the Consequences" by Rachel Chiu & Jill Jacobson

Orange County Register: "Proposed California Digital Accessibility Law Would Halt Startups in the Golden State" by Jordan McGillis

Washington Examiner: "People Oppose EV Mandates — Politicians Should End Them" by Jacob Posik

USA Today: "Rising Home Prices Create an Enormous Burden. So Why Aren't We Building More Houses?" by Luca Gattoni-Celli

Washington Examiner: "Men My age Are in Crisis. Scolding Us Isn’t Helping" by Isaac Willour

Bangor Daily News: "Climate Action Causes More Harm Than Good for Mainers" by Jacob Posik


Juan Villasmil on NewsNation Live: Biden Cancels Billions in Student Loan Debt

Jonathan Hartley on The Global Lane (CBN News): 30 Years Since Food Ate Up This Much of Your Income

Jack Rowlett on TalkTV: Only Building More Homes Will Solve the Housing Crisis

Alex Petropoulos on Times Radio: A New Definition of Extremism Won't Change Much

Isaac Willour on The David Webb Show: 3 Things My Future Children Need To Know About Race

Gabriella Hoffman on Monday Morning Quarterbacks (Fox 5 DC): Previewing the State of the Union

Amanda Griffiths on The Bullpin: Trump Wants to Legally Kill People if President, According to His Attorneys

Jack Rowlett on GB News: Britain Has a Demographic crisis. We Should Means-Test the State Pension

Juan Pablo Villasmil on The Todd Feinburg Show

Isaac Willour on The Todd Feinburg Show: The Murder of Laken Riley

Isaac Willour on The Todd Feinburg Show: How Gen Z Voters Differ

Andy Jung on The Mandy Connell Show: Online Content Moderation is an Exercise of Free Speech

Isaac Willour on Good Morning Liberty: The Problem with DEI: 3 Things My Future Children Need To Know About Race

Benjamin Ayanian on Good Morning Liberty: Misplaced Fears About A.I., and the Moral Argument Against California's Wealth Tax Proposals

Rachel Chiu Featured on Rova Media

Neetu Arnold on The Todd Feinburg Show: Schools May Not Be 'Following The Research' On School Safety

Eloy Vera on Wake Up America: Milei's Free Market Reforms Can Reshape Argentine Cinema

Noelle Fitchett on The 956 Drive Home: The Disregarded Victims of Lax Border Policies

Juan Pablo Villasmil on The Todd Feinburg Show: Super Tuesday 2024

Alexander Salter on CBN News: US National Debt Adds $1 Trillion Every 100 Days, Becoming Major Threat to National Security

Gabriella Hoffman on Monday Morning Quarterbacks: Recapping Last Night’s State of the Union

Sophia Worringer on Times Radio: Government's New Definition of Extremism is Wrought With Problems

Victoria Churchill on The Bullpin

David Mendoza on The 956 Drive Home: Whether Activists Like It or Not, Vaping Helps Smokers Quit

Juan P. Villasmil on The Global Lane (CBN News): Behind the Venezuelan Migrant Crime Wave

Daniel Dorman on WRFH/Radio Free Hillsdale 101.7 FM: The Hillsdale Interview

Tyler Cochran on Good Morning Liberty: Do Messages Like the ‘He Gets Us’ Super Bowl Commercial Ultimately Lead to Empty Pews?

Jill Jacobson on The 956 Drive Home: The DOJ Is Running A Side Hustle To Pad Its 2024 Budget

Daniel Elmore on Stacy Washington NOW: Biden’s Economic 'Success' is Costing America’s Future

Juan P Villasmil on The Federalist Radio Hour: Latin America Is A House Of Cards