Young Voices in the News (May 16th-31st)

Check out the work of our Contributors as they get published in The Wall Street Journal, Toronto Sun, RealClearPolitics, City Journal, Orange County Register, and more!


RealClearMarkets: "Let's Not Mimic the EU's Tech Tyranny In the United States" by Sam Raus

RealClearWorld: "New Allies and Illiberal Weeds in America’s Backyard" by Eloy Vera

RealClearPolitics: "Abandon the National Popular Vote Compact" by Jacob Posik

Free the People: "Libertarians Must Find a Balance Between Advocating for Free Speech and Denouncing Antisemitism" by Nate Phipps

DC Journal: "Bringing VR To Schools is a Step Forward" by Frances Floresca

Toronto Sun: "Our Public Schools Need a Lot More Than a Vape and Cellphone Ban" by Daniel Dorman

CapX: "Our Universities are Failing to Tackle Student Antisemitism" by Samuel Chandler

Orange County Register: "70 Years Since Brown V. Board of Education and California Still Has Work to Do" by Cooper Conway

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: "School Chaplaincy Isn't Incompatible with the 1st Amendment" by Tyler Curtis

Free the People: "Religious Liberty Safeguards the Rights of All Americans" by Noelle Fitchett

International Policy Digest: "Javier Milei: Argentina’s Liberator or a Libertarian Paradox?" by Agustina Vergara Cid

National Review: "The Government Spending Spree Is Hurting Those It’s Meant to Help" by Susannah Barnes

Albuquerque Journal: "NM at Risk of Population Loss if We Don't Lower Our Tax Burden" by Hunter Thomas

Wall Street Journal: "When Federal Agencies Fund Themselves" by Jill Jacobson

The Center Square: "Oat Gone – When Local Blame Misses the Bigger Economic Picture" by Jacob Lane

RealClearPolitics: "Justices on Both Sides Reject Modern Civil Asset Forfeiture" by Jill Jacobson

Deseret News: "Are We Loving America's National Parks Too Much?" by Madison Yablonski

City Journal: "Who Will Trump Listen to On China?" by Jordan McGillis

DC Journal: "Congratulations Graduates! Too Bad There Are No Jobs for You" by Daniel Elmore

The Christian Post: "Transgender Patients Deserve Compassionate Care — Surgery Doesn't Cut It" by Andrea Hitt


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Jack Rowlett on GB News

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Alex Petropoulos on GB News

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Sophia Worringer on Talk-TV

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