Young Voices in the News (May 1st-15th)

Check out the work of our Contributors as they get published in The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Newsweek, Independent Women's Forum, Orange County Register, and more!


RealClearEnergy: "Maine Democrats Gut Infrastructure Funding, Leaving Mainers to Pay More" by Roy Mathews

Independent Women's Forum: "Throwing Alaskans To the Wolves For Earth Day" by Sarah Montalbano

Washington Examiner: "Another Student Loan Forgiveness Band-Aid" by Daniel Elmore

RealClearPolitics: "Dear Conservatives, We Don’t Need To Fear Mail-In Ballots" by Samuel Underhill

RealClearPolitics: "Milgram in the Modern Day: Psychology of Antisemitism in Higher Ed" by Aaron Pomerantz

RealClearPolitics: "Avoiding Victimhood: A Lesson From Our Jewish Peers" by Lexi Boccuzzi

Orange County Register: "Housing Abundance and Public School Choice Increase K-12 Opportunity in California" by Cooper Conway

Chicago Tribune: "Bravo to Mayor Brandon Johnson’s Embrace of Free Market Economics for Housing" by Mike Viola

UnHerd: "US Campus Chaos is Not a Free Speech Issue" by Neetu Arnold

Wall Street Journal: "Illinois’s Plan to Fund Public Universities on the Basis of Race" by Neetu Arnold

The American Mind: "We Control Our AI Destiny" by Roy Mathews

RealClearWorld: "Maduro’s Grip on Power is Tightening, and the U.S. Is Running Out of Options" by Joseph Bouchard

Free the People: "Don’t Let Faculty Off the Hook for Campus Antisemitism" by James Erwin

Reaction Life: "It’s Time for the UK to Acknowledge the Armenian Genocide" by Sam Chandler

Albuquerque Journal: "There’s a Consensus on Immigration, if Only our Leaders Could also Agree" by Hunter Thomas

Chicago Tribune: "The Key to CTA’s Rebound is Boosting Business, Not Taxes" by Micky Horstman

Newsweek: "Transform Suburbs To Address Gen Z's Loneliness Crisis" by Jacob Fox

International Policy Digest: "How Colleges Became Incubators for Antisemitism" by David Mendoza

RealClearPolitics: "Biden's Punitive, Anti-Growth Tax Proposals" by Benjamin Ayanian


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