Young Voices in the News (November 16th-30th)


National Review: "Actually, Money Looks Pretty Tight" by Alexander Salter

American Institute of Economic Research: "The Fed Delivered Disinflation" by Alexander Salter

The Eagle: "School Culture Wars Should Be Fought Locally" by Garion Frankel

The Hill: "The Senate Should Codify — Not Reject — CARES Act's Home Confinement Policy" by Sarah Anderson

RealClearWorld: "Rising Anti-semitism Highlights the Danger of Toxic Empathy" by Aaron Pomerantz

RealClearMarkets: "The Biden Administration Stand Down to WTO Protectionism" by Natalie Voit

Washington Examiner: "Socialized Medicine is a Parent's Nightmare" by Parker McCumber

Free the People: "Equal Protection Under the Law is Dead — Here's How We Revive It" by Connor Vasile

Washington Examiner: "Free Speech on Campus Shouldn't Be a Partisian Issue" by Juan P Villasmil

The National Interest: "Milei's Win is a Win for the US" by Joseph Bouchard

International Affairs Forum: "Borderless Africa: Towards a Visa Free Continent for Bolstering Economic Growth" by Benita Ezumezu

The National Interest: "Mission Design Platforms Will Mass Produce Space Launches" by Roy Matthews

The National Interest: "Private Enterprise is America's Key to the Modern Space Race" by Ian Ching

Washington Examiner: "A Bipartisian Move to Weaponize Federal Bureaucracies" by Benjamin Ayanian

OC Register: "New Zealand Reverses Decision to Ban Smoking. California Beware" by Sofia Hamilton

Responsible Statecraft: "What's Next for Maduro After US Sanctions Deal" by Joseph Bouchard


Sofia Hamilton on Faith and Freedom with Shemane:

James Czerniawski on The Federalist Radio Hour:

Connor Vasile on Good Morning Liberty:

Sofia Hamilton on The Federalist Radio Hour:

Alexandra Hudson on Good Morning Liberty:

James Czerniawski on Good Morning Liberty: