Young Voices in the News (November 1st-15th)


Reason Magazine: "Take it From Brazil, Biden's Ban on Flavored Cigarettes and Cigars Will Be a Disaster" by Joseph Bouchard

American Institute for Economic Research: "The Ugly Truth of School Finance" by Garion Frankel

RealClear Markets: "Reforming Federal Crop Insurance Requires Paying Off the Losers" by Nicholas Thielman

American Institute for Economic Research: "Academics Make Lousy Leaders" by Joseph Bouchard

DC Journal: "Dear Fed: Stop Ignoring Signs of Recession" by Meghana Reddy

Wall Street Journal: "New Jersey Demands 'God's Square Mile' Open on Sunday's" by Rachel Chiu

The Daily Wire: "As BLM Signals Support for Hamas, Patrisse Collors' Memoir Reads More Like Prophecy" by Grace Bydalek

Albuquerque Journal: "We Must Speak Up Against Radical Progressive Ideologies on University Campuses" by Hunter Thomas

National Review: "Leaving a Union Has Become a Grande-Sized Headache" by Mike Viola

The Washington Examiner: "Biden's AI Executive Order Slams Small Entities" by Dylan Dean

Fox News: "I’m a College Student Who Escaped Iran. Liberal American Colleges Promote Extremism and Censor the Truth" by Tahmineh Dehbozorgi

Forbes Magazine: "New TN & TX Price Transparency Law Prevent Patients From Getting Ripped Off" by Tanner Aliff

Daily Caller: "Don't Fall For the Student Debt Sob Story" by Ben Snead

Newsweek: "What to Expect From the Google Antitrust Case" by Noah Gould

RealClear World: "Rising Anti-Semitism Highlights the Danger of Toxic Empathy" by Aaron Pomerantz

The Arizona Republic: "If Arizona Repeals Its Right-to-Work Law, You Could be Forced to Join a Union, Pay Dues" by Peter Clark

Maine Wire: "Hate Crimes Investigation Tip of the Iceberg at Bates" by Roy Matthews

International Policy Digest: "Nigerian Women Face Steep Climb for Gender Equality" by Oluwabukola Adimula

Free the People: "The American Economy Needs Birthright Citizenship" by Laura Pabello

C3 News: "Failed Utility Takeover Measure Ignores Maine’s Energy Crunch Root Causes" by Roy Matthews


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