Young Voices Wraps Up Free to Speech Op-ed Campaign

You might agree that college campuses should be hubs of intellectual debate and free expression. Sadly, many American universities have fostered environments that are stifling at best, and at worst, outright hostile to those who don’t subscribe to the approved groupthink.

With support from the Free to Choose Network, Young Voices launched a campaign last fall offering student activists access to our staff of PR pros to place articles about their campus’ speech codes. We called the initiative "Free to Speak" after the Network's latest documentary release featuring former ACLU President Nadine Strossen.

I’m pleased to say that we just wrapped up the campaign, placing 10 pieces in outlets across the country ranging from student newspapers to top state publications. 

  • In total, the campaign reached an estimated audience of 62,000+ readers.
  • Our campus placements included the Georgetown Voice, Binghamton Review, and Columbia Sundial.
  • Our state placements included the Albuquerque Journal, Maine Wire, and Salt Lake Tribune.
  • We helped 10 students to bring attention to critical problems on college campuses, from rampant campus censorship to prevalent ideological extremism. 

A full round up of our coverage, including links to the publications, can be found here. 

The Free to Speak Campaign has made clear that the spirit of free speech is alive and well among college students — we just need to empower them to stand up for it!